Supplier Connection Success Stories

Are you familiar with Supplier Connection?

Well, we sure are! We’re even featured as one of Supplier Connection’s success stories. They aim to help small businesses in the United States to grow to their fullest potential by collaborating with other businesses. Click here to read a little bit more about how they have helped us, personally, to grow and gain five new contracts.

We’re honored to be a part of their June Supplier Spotlight Contest which highlights how different organizations prepare for trade shows in order to gain the most from the experience. To read the piece on how we prepare, click here.

As this is a competition, we need your vote in order to win! Vote for Mosaic here! The contest ends this Thursday, June 26th at 5pm, so be sure to get your vote in before the deadline.

If you vote for us, tweet us at @MosaicGlobal with the hashtag #SupplierSpotlight and the link to the voting page, and we’ll give you a shoutout for your support.



Our first shoutout goes to Amy from Mobius for sending us back such a nice response.

She said:


With joy I sent this to the two hundred members of the Mobius practitioner community,

You and your wife are true inspirations of giving back, supporting the world and generous leadership.

Since the day you offered me a ride in Palo Alto which must be 15 years ago when my car service had failed to show up to the Westin to take me to the Stanford Faculty Club I have never forgotten that simple act of kindness or what you shared about your Make A Wish Work.  Whenever I can in every city I visit I use Mosaic drivers and they all rave about how amazing your company is to work for/with. 

And as a customer I find everyone to be professional, warm, reliable and full of gracious hospitality.

You should be tremendously proud of the contributions you make and the inspiring beacon you are.

We are proud and honored to support you and Mosaic Global Transportation as requested.

With Love and gratitude,



Amy, we appreciate you and Mobius for your support!

Supplier Connection is an initiative to grow small businesses and create jobs in the United States. Powered by IBM, it is a free, cloud-based business-to-business community. It enables collaboration between small businesses and the supply chains of Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market firms, and other enterprises.

Mosaic Global Transportation is a recognized leader in the chauffeured transportation industry. Mosaic operates a diverse fleet of more than 41 vehicles ranging from Lincoln Town Cars to Stretch Limousines, SUV’s, Vans, Mini Coaches and Motor Coaches in their fleet.  In addition to serving the Greater San Francisco region, Mosaic provides worldwide chauffeured transportation services in more than 440 cities across the globe.

MGT is headquartered at 643 Bair Island Road, Suite 210, Redwood City, California, 94063, 650.864.9701

About Mosaic Global Transportation

Mosaic Global Transportation is an international, minority owned, sedan, limousine and shuttle business, with over 300 vehicles in our network worldwide. We serve a variety of needs including corporate transportation of all kind, Wine Tours, Nights Out on the Town, Airport Transfers and Shuttle Services, in our late model Town Cars, SUV's, Vans, Limos and Coaches. Our Value Proposition simply stated, is we offer you a one stop shop option, for ground transportation services anywhere in the world, at competitive rates. We look forward to serving you!
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