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Photo Source: Chauffeur Melbourne

Last weekend I had the pleasure of coming home from my university to celebrate my mom’s birthday a bit early. Not only did this quick trip gave me a chance to see my family, but I also got to experience Mosaic Global Transportation’s quality service first-hand.

Once I landed in San Francisco, I turned my phone back on, only to be welcomed to The Bay Area with a friendly “Good Morning!” text message from my chauffeur letting me know her name, phone number and that she was right outside to pick me up.

Getting into the car, I was immediately impressed by the high level of service. The car was clean with the passenger seat pushed forward to give me extra leg room – Something that was lacking on the plane I just stepped off of. She navigated the early morning commute traffic and got me home safe and sound in no time.

On the tail-end of my trip, I received a text message from Mosaic Global Transportation’s HQ, confirming that my chauffeur, Mark, was on his way and provided me with his phone number in case I needed to reach him. However I never needed to use it because he was there 15 minutes early, ready to take me to the airport.

A couple hours later, I landed at LAX airport. I was greeted by Gregory who was fully prepared for my arrival with a sign and a luggage cart. I was absolutely blown away by the way that he exceeded the ‘normal’ duties that a chauffeur would have and provided me with more than I even needed.

On the drive back, he offered me bottled water, asked if I had a radio station I’d prefer to listen to and promptly dropped me back on campus.

This level of service completely changed my travel experience. Getting from point A to point B was more than just a necessary part of my weekend, but was actually an enjoyable part of it. My time spent at home with my family was so great – A weekend like that deserved the high level of service that Mosaic Global Transportation provides.

About Mosaic Global Transportation

Mosaic Global Transportation is an international, minority owned, sedan, limousine and shuttle business, with over 300 vehicles in our network worldwide. We serve a variety of needs including corporate transportation of all kind, Wine Tours, Nights Out on the Town, Airport Transfers and Shuttle Services, in our late model Town Cars, SUV's, Vans, Limos and Coaches. Our Value Proposition simply stated, is we offer you a one stop shop option, for ground transportation services anywhere in the world, at competitive rates. We look forward to serving you!
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